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About Alison Fedel

11 years of experience
+ 600 developed projects
+ de 30,000 hours of creation

A designer passionate about brands, self-knowledge and people.
The desire to bring my way of working and my knowledge to my clients led me to found my own design studio in 2012. Today, specialized in Brand Identity Design, I am constantly looking for experiences in order to execute projects with essence, strategy and personality compatible with the purpose of each brand.

My Process

For every Brand Design project, I follow some specific steps after you get in touch and request a project.

Investment Proposal

The best way to start is by understanding your business and its needs. That's why I need you to answer a form where some important data will be collected to generate your proposal.


After we agree on the proposal, I will send a second form with questions where you can enter all the information that will be raw material for building the brand identity of your business.

Research and Analysis

After all the information gathered, such as target audience, competitors, market, challenges, perspectives and objectives, I will ask you to present relevant characteristics that impact the Brand Design Project, such as personalities, elements and references. I will send a presentation with the proposal of what will be done for the project.

Creation and Application

This is the step where all information and concepts are manifested as visual elements, everything based on the information you sent me, then I will do application tests simulating real world in materials and touchpoints, this way you can know how your brand will appear to your audience.

Presentation and Delivery

Finally, I will send you the presentation document which contains the results, including your new brand and possible applications. After the approval of the project, the files will be closed and delivered for use.

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