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Gilvana Laís

Gilvana Laís is a professional who works with a focus on team development through the leader and also his followers, serving companies that have difficulties and lack of clarity in their fields of activity. The professional works with the development of people with a focus on the leader, transforming the simple into extraordinary. The professional's work expands knowledge and learning beyond professional life, working with the company's culture and guiding professionals towards self-responsibility. The professional has more than 22 years of experience as a businesswoman, which brings her an expanded view where she can have insights about the business, regarding management, layout of the commercial establishment and even commissioning and motivation structures for employees.


The professional's mission is to potencialize and develop with clarity and simplicity the talents and skills of leaders in their teams through culture, knowledge and direction towards an understanding where people are responsible for extraordinary results.


The eye is almost universally considered to be the symbol of intellectual perception. The same was chosen precisely to represent the professional's differentiated view on the employees of a company, its focus and clarity based on its way of attending and providing its services.
According to the spanish poet Cirlot, the essence of the symbolism of the eye is contained in a saying by the Roman philosopher Plotinus, according to which "El ojo no podría ver el Sol si no fuese en cierto modo un Sol", which means “The eye could not see the Sun if it were not in a certain way a Sun”. Given that the Sun is a source of light, and that light is a symbol of intelligence and spirit, it follows that the process of seeing represents an act of the spirit and symbolizes knowledge.

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