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Marina Carraro

Dr. Marina Carraro is a professional who has a facial and body harmonization clinic. The professional is sought by people who seek to feel better with themselves, having the possibility of not feeling bad when taking a photo or wearing an outfit, thus having a greater self-esteem and self-love.
Today, her clinic offers facial harmonization, botox, collagen biostimulators and thread lift.

Emphasize the beauty within what is possible and real, for those who seek to feel better about themselves, at the same time in a healthy way, without following standards and formats, but rather their unique beauty. This is the quest of the professional with her services, in a relaxed and friendly way, however, based on knowledge, science and experience. To highlight this appreciation of the natural beauty, concepts that represent this kind of prettiness were taken into account.

"Value your beauty, value your nature"

The phrase that inspired the project and can even be used as a slogan for the brand, was based on the purpose of the Marina Carraro Facial and Body Harmonization brand. To represent this concept, earthy colors were brought to represent the soil, the sand of the dunes that are part of the natural beauty of our planet.

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