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Ricardo Zanatta

Ricardo Zanatta is a specialist Wound Care Nurse. The professional 14 years of experience, and since 2011 with domiciliary care in the city of Brasília, being recommended by many doctors to their patients. Today, the professional seeks to develop a brand that represents his care that is not identified as that of companies with the title of "home care" or nurses without specialties, but rather, as exclusive and personalized care for his patients.

The professional offers personalized and humanized Wound Care and Nursing Services in the home environment, these services are: wound treatment, management of the team totally focused on the patient's need, palliative care, medication administration, care guidance, setting up of a structure to take care of the patient within the home and team training.


To offer professional and specialized service for each patient, bringing comfort and welcome in a humane way to the patient and his family.


"Holding hands, even in silence, is the greatest help we can offer."
Hands reaching out offering help, welcome and comfort, this is the main concept defined for the construction of the logo's symbology. The professional's brand has these as its main characteristics. From this image we can see a silhouette of a monogram with the letter Z. At first, the form taken from the concept would be very simple and very wide, therefore, the idea of creating more .


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